Best Places to visit in Northamptonshire

Widely known for its cunning Grand Union Canal and exquisite legacy of shoemaking, Northamptonshire is one of the finest and remarkable counties in England to promote its breath-taking historical and natural beauty. In fact, it provides an excellent route for transportation, including canals, due to being landlocked counties in the center of England.

Northamptonshire has a history of numerous grand historic houses which includes but not limited to, Princess of Wales Memorial, Ancestral home of the Spencer family,  and Althorp, a place affiliated with Princess Diana’s childhood home. It further continues to portray the 12th-century royal connections such as the actual site of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots (Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567), Fotheringhay Castle found near Oundle, and it is also the birthplace of King Richard III who was born in 1452.

Several major and minor battles have also been fought which outlines the most famous amongst them – that is the great English Civil War that was fought near the battleground of Naseby, Northamptonshire on June 14th, 1645. History proclaims that this battle played a vital role as the parliamentarians were given victory.


Entitled as “the county of spires and squires”, a church built during the Anglo-Saxon era is still found unscathed today. It is located in the boulevards of Brixworth. Due to its religious value and saints’ authentication, the church is called “All Saints’ Church“. Historical facts reveal that this church was built by using Roman bricks in the year 670. Interestingly in the 9th century, the church tower was used for the repulsion of vicious attacks by the ‘Vikings’.

Despite the aforementioned brief historical context, Northamptonshire is filled with places that establish a strong connection with nobility.  It attracts lots of tourists from around the globe for its enchanting medieval homes, posh manors and stunning gardens.

Let’s take a look at some of the most astonishing and best places to visit in Northamptonshire one can visit:

  • Formula 1 Racing Circuit (Silverstone) – Located at the southern tip of Northamptonshire is a village called Silverstone. It is also regarded as the F1 battlefield for the Formula 1 racing fans. Midst of Oxford and Northampton – Silverstone has a heritage of motor racing (British Grand Prix) since 1948. A circuit (track) which was initially used as a bomber station and an airfield for RAF, is now the center of Formula 1 racing around Britain.


  • Sheaf Street (Daventry) – A blossomed market town of 18th Century, Daventry is a small town of Northamptonshire that is known for its magnificently-built Georgian state houses and market town. Amidst the town’s pedestrianized shopping region, most of the Daventry Sheaf Street shops exhibits periodic history – also includes the former staging inns which go back to 1255 when Daventry was awarded absolute privilege of hosting a market during the time of Henry the III.


  • Canons Ashby House (Daventry) – Built and inaugurated by the Dryden’, Canons Ashby is a small village situated in the Daventry district. It attracts most of its tourists by portraying extremely impressive marvel of construction – Canons Ashby House. This house belonged to the Drydens who built this house by utilizing the remaining parts of a medieval convent. Splendid gardens, intact construction – it is a house that highlights fabulous rooms, staggering woven artworks.


  • Made In Corby (Corby) – Mutually funded by the Corby’s Arts Council and Arts Council England, Made In Corby is a-must-go 3-year programme which specifically encompasses the locals to indulge in various arts activities to promote quality time, inclusive creativity and ambitious conscious. The programme is monitored under the command of Creative People and Places Programme.


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