Boughton House

A Brief History of the Manor:


During the 16th century, Sir Edward Montagu purchased the Boughton manor in 1528 from the Burdon Family who was, at that time, reputable Calais merchants in the area. Montagu was a professional commissioner and a trustworthy judge, he has famously commissioned the last will of King Henry VIII before his departure from this world. With the passage of time, Boughton House witness several architectural changes in it. After the closure of the abbeys, Edward bought the remaining monastic grange at the Boughton House to reconstruct the manor to keep the essence of monasteries. today. However, the major constructional changes occurred in the 17th century, when the first Duke of Montagu, Ralph turned most of its interior and exterior to what we see today. Such alterations to the manor were made under the severe influence of the French because Ralph spent quite a while in France serving as an ambassador and he was very attracted and delighted by the French archaeology. Due to French style construction, Boughton House received its nickname of the ‘English Versailles’.

Reincarnation of the Manor in 20th Century:


(Photo: Created by Emma Purcell)

Fast forward to the 20th century; the manor had been looked after by several descendants of Dukes and Duchess of Montagu and Buccleuch. But the place went off the public at the end of the 19th century and was abandoned. However, in the early years of the 20th century, the Boughton House was again housed with families, and today it is one of the old historical places in Kettering, Northamptonshire to witness the splendid beauty of French architecture and lifestyle of famous dukes and duchess.

Garden of the Boughton House:


Apart from exquisite French style architecture, Boughton House is also famous for having a beautiful romantic garden. Mesmerising planes of reflecting water, charming vast swathes of turf, and high lines of trees create an astonishing intellectual meditative scenery of the manor that one cannot resist visiting the place. The sculptural earth forms also take back viewers to the Age of Enlightenment. The reflecting pool in the garden that originally was part of the garden was recreated in 2015 located to the one-acre area, standing tall at 75 ft.


(Photo: Movie-still from  Les Misérables filmed inside Boughton House)

Boughton House has become a primary venue to host musical events and annual festivals in the UK including the famous Greenbelt Festival, Christian Music Festival. Boughton House has also been in a movie in Les Misérables.

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