Cinemas in Kettering – The Forgotten List

Kettering Cinema:

When we think of Kettering cinemas, the first name that pops in front of our eyes is Kettering Odeon cinema. Odeon cinema may be the oldest and brilliant cinema chain today in the UK but there were many others who came in the line first. From prominent for movie screenings to marvellous gigantic cinematic den, Kettering, Northamptonshire has been the centre of filmic and theatrical attraction.

Here’s the list of cinemas Kettering that either most people have forgotten about or didn’t know at all.

  1.      ODEON Kettering – 35 Gold Street

Kettering Cinema

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Amongst the Cinemas in Kettering is the Odeon Kettering that was first opened on December 17th, 1888 on Gold Street in Kettering. It was an excellent cinema with hundreds of people showing off for movies and screenings. Over the years, the cinema was changed to many other names until demolished in September 1974.

Contact Details of Odeon Kettering Gold Street:

  • Odeon Kettering (Old) Address – 35 Gold Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Odeon Kettering (Old) Postcode – NN16 3JL
  • Odeon Kettering (Old) Number – cinema is demolished

  1.     Hippodrome Cinema – 1 Market Place

Kettering Cinema

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The second cinema built and opened in Kettering was the Hippodrome Cinema that first showed the first film on February 9th, 1903. The site was built in 1854 by the Corn Exchange to use for concerts, theatrical shows, exhibitions, balls, and lectures. Hippodrome Cinema was closed permanently in January 1923.

Contact Details of Hippodrome Cinema:

  • Hippodrome Cinema Address – 1 Market Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Hippodrome Cinema Postcode – NN16 0AL
  • Hippodrome Cinema Number – Cinema is closed

  1.     Gaumont Kettering Cinema – 67 High Street:

Kettering Cinema

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Gaumont Cinema Kettering was opened as a cinema on May 10th 1913 having 650 seating on the one-storey building. Gaumont Kettering was indeed a classic hit as it gained an instant reputation for being spacious and excellent screening amenity. Gaumont Kettering was closed and demolished on October 10th 1959. The last movie it showed was the ‘Last Train from Gun Hill’.

Contact Details of Gaumont Kettering:

  • Gaumont Kettering Address – 67 High Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Gaumont Kettering Postcode – NN16 8SY
  • Gaumont Kettering Number – Cinema is closed and demolished

  1.     New Empire Cinema – 117 Montagu

Kettering Cinema

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New Empire Cinema opened its gates to the public on May 3rd, 1920 with a ‘The Still Alarm’ film. It initially had 400 seats but later was expanded. Sadly, the filmic den was permanently closed on June 19th, 1954.

Contact Details of New Empire Cinema:

  • New Empire Cinema Address – 117 Montagu Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • New Empire Cinema Postcode – NN16 8XJ
  • New Empire Cinema Number – Cinema is closed permanently

  1.     Granada Kettering – 19 High Street:

Kettering Cinema

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Granada Kettering Cinema was a high-class cinema opened on Boxing Day in 1936. The opening inauguration of the cinema was done by John Earl Spencer, father Diana Princess of Wales. Granada Kettering was the most luxurious cinemas amongst any other Kettering cinema where famous celebrities also visited to screen Oscar-winning movies. It is indeed a great loss to see such a marvellous cinema closed (the 1960s).

Contact Details of Granada Kettering:

  • Granada Kettering Address – 19 High Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Granada Kettering Postcode – NN16 8ST
  • Granada Kettering Number – Cinema is closed permanently

  1.     Savoy Cinema – Russell Street:

Kettering Cinema

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The Savoy Cinema Kettering was the first cinema to have both cinema and theatre. It was opened in Kettering on May 21st, 1938 by showing its first movie ‘Big City’. Since it was built on a Coliseum Theatre site, that’s why it served both cinematic and theatrical purposes. It was the only Cinema who attracted thousands every week due to outclass movie screenings and stage performances. Sadly, the Savoy Cinema was demolished in June 2014 before surviving other replacement and vandalization.

Contact Details of Savoy Cinema:

  • Savoy Cinema Address – 94 Russell Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Savoy Cinema Postcode – NN16
  • Savoy Cinema Number – Closed and Demolished


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