Gaumont Kettering – Forgotten Movie Cinema in Kettering

Gaumont Cinema Kettering – The Electric Pavilion:

Gaumont Kettering Cinema

(Photo: The Electric Pavilion Cinema on the right – Source)

The history of Gaumont Kettering Cinema started from May 10th 1913 onwards when it was introduced as prominent movie cinema in Kettering ‘The Electric Pavilion’. It had a seating arrangement for 650 people (single level). Since there were already two other cinemas that were spreading entertain around, Gaumont Kettering Cinema brought new looks and changes into the cinematic world of Kettering.

Few years after the institution, Gaumont Cinema Kettering added a balcony level to accommodate more people, now the cinema could provide seating for 800 people.

Facts About Gaumont Kettering Cinema:

Did you know?

The Electric Pavilion (Gaumont Cinema) was the first purpose-built cinema in Kettering, UK

Gaumont Cinema Kettering – Shapeero Circuit:

Gaumont Kettering Cinema

(Photo: Old View of High Street – Source)

In 1919, Shapeero Circuit acquired the ownership rights of the Electric Pavilion and ran successfully as the first purpose-built Kettering cinema for 9 years.

According to some historians (When the Lights Go Down by Maurice Thornton), the locals of Kettering were attracted to the newly-shifted cinema for 2-3 main reasons, the exterior look as attractive as it grasped people attention, the interior was decorated with finest designs, and of course it was the first purpose-built cinema in Kettering.

Gaumont Film Company (Denman) took charge of the cinema in March 1928 and also added Gaumont sound in the cinema on December 9th, 1929.

Gaumont Kettering Cinema – Pavilion Cinema:

Gaumont Kettering Cinema

(Photo: Source)

The conventions and cinematic history have archaeologically been changed to a subordinate routine, which may be the cause of theatrical ups and downs in the entertainment industry.

Electric Pavilion, after serving as the best Kettering Cinema, was replaced with Pavilion Cinema (renamed) on May 22nd, 1950 when Rank Organisation took control over the cinema. Rank Organisation is a renowned British entertaining company who, perhaps, bought the rights for investment purpose.

Unfortunately, Pavilion Cinema was closed for refurbishment on September 2nd, 1953 with ‘Thunder Bay’ as the last film-show.

Gaumont Kettering Cinema – ‘Last Train from Gun Hill’:

Gaumont Kettering Cinema

(Photo: Superdrug at Gaumont Kettering’s Site – Google Images)

Historians and online sources still argue about the naming history of the Gaumont Cinema, some suggest that from the 1950s onwards, the cinema stayed as Gaumont Pavilion Cinema until demolition while others call it as Gaumont Kettering Cinema.

With the addition of new projection, seating arrangement, and renovation, Pavilion Cinema was reopened as ‘Gaumont Kettering’ on September 25th, 1953. Gaumont faced some financial difficulties and management related issues which resulted in its closure on October 10th 1959. ‘Last Train from Gun Hill’ was the last movie shown at Gaumont Kettering Cinema.

Today, you can visit and find the ruins of Gaumont Kettering replaced with Superdrug (health and beauty retail company).

Contact Details of Gaumont Kettering Cinema:

  • Gaumont Kettering Cinema Address – 67 High Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Gaumont Kettering Cinema Postcode – NN16 8SY
  • Gaumont Kettering Cinema Status – Closed, demolished and replaced with Superdrug

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