Hippodrome Cinema – Forgotten Movie Cinema in Kettering

Hippodrome Cinema – The Corn Exchange:

Hippodrome Cinema Kettering

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The Hippodrome Cinema Kettering first came into being in 1854 when the building was opened as ‘The Corn Exchange’. Edmund Francis Law, a renowned architect laid the foundations of the building with exemplary designing plans. There were two floors of the Corn exchange building, there was a large room on the first floor that initially was massively used for meetings, exhibitions, balls, lectures, and concerts.

A renowned theatre and venue turned into a cinema by a successful screening of its first film on February 9th, 1903.

Hippodrome Cinema – Vint’s Electric Palace:

Hippodrome Cinema Kettering

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The Corn Exchange received instant success and attracted stakeholders and investors of Kettering, Northamptonshire. Leon Vint was amongst the people who acquired the rights to the Corn exchange and replaced it with ‘Vint’s Electric Palace’ on October 16th, 1909.

The place also added several theatrical (on-stage) performances to lighten up the marketplace street.

Hundreds of people came witnessed a variety of remarkable performances, several local celebrities also embarked on the flourishing cinematic ship to expand the operation.

Hippodrome Cinema – Palace Theatre:

Hippodrome Cinema Kettering

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On June 14th, 1912, another operator put forth interest in the Vint’s Electric Palace bought its ownership rights. The name was replaced with ‘Palace Theatre’, the new theatre management focused more on movies and film screenings but occasional stage performances were never dead until 1914 when Palace Theatre met an unfortunate disbandment (closure) in June. The officials first stated that the theatre is closed for refurbishment.

After several archaeological changes and modifications, Palace Theatre was reopened for movies in August 1914.

Hippodrome Cinema – One of its Kind!

Hippodrome Cinema Kettering

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The rapid success of the Palace Theatre did not stop the investors and cinema operators from buying the new attraction of Kettering. Few operators instantly acquired the ownership rights before anyone could lay their hands on the prosperous project and replaced the ‘Palace Theatre’ with ‘Hippodrome Cinema’ on November 5th, 1917.Unfortunately, too many ownership and name-changing affected the overall cinematic business.

Hippodrome Cinema was failed to be what was it used to be prior to 20th century. After surviving harsh ups and downs six years, Hippodrome Cinema was permanently closed in January 1923 for an indefinite time.

Today, the Hippodrome Cinema Kettering building is re-opened but for a British restaurant called ‘Kino Lounge NN16 0AJ’.

Contact Details of Hippodrome Cinema Kettering:

  • Hippodrome Cinema Kettering Address – 1 Market Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Hippodrome Cinema Kettering Postcode – NN16 0AL
  • Hippodrome Cinema Kettering Status – Closed and replaced with Kino Lounge

Hippodrome Cinema Kettering

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