Kettering Odeon


Kettering Odeon Cinema is one of the branches of the famous and biggest Cinema chains in the world, Odeon Cinemas. Kettering Odeon is located in the midst of the Wellingborough Road in Kettering, serving the locals with the best movies. It’s a great spot for people who are true cinema lovers who enjoy movies wrapped in nachos and cheese. Kettering Odeon Cinema has a unique history that connects its origin to all the way to the 1930s.

History of Odeon Cinemas:


Odeon Cinema was founded in 1930 by Oscar Deutsch who laid its foundation to introduce the natives of Ireland and UK about the joy of watching movies with others on a big screen. Oscar opened its first branch of cinema in 1928 in Brierley, Staffordshire and it was named after the founder as Deutsch’s Cinema, it was also called the Picture House for some time. However, the first cinema opened by the Odeon group who used the brand’s name was opened in 1930 at Perry Barr, in Birmingham. After this, successes opened its gates to the Odeon cinemas, and its popularity reached all over the world.


(Photo: Odeon Cinema at Perry Barr)

History of Odeon Cinemas in Kettering:


(Photo: Inside view of Original Kettering ODEON on Gold Street)



(Photo: Another Screen-still of Kettering Odeon Cinema at Gold Street)

According to one of the historians in Kettering, the first ‘original’ Odeon in Kettering was opened in 1936 on Gold Street. It was the time when the expansion of the Odeon cinema group was at a peak, and they were opening their cinematic branches in every town of UK and Ireland. Kettering Odeon on Gold Street resembled the Victorian Hall from the inside. However, Kettering Odeon of Gold Street was closed in 1960 and was in due course demolished in 1974.

Kettering Odeon:


Kettering Odeon Cinema is recorded to be opened on 11th of December in 1997. Initially, it could accommodate up to 350 people at a time with separate down seating arrangement for 83 people. Kettering Odeon is famous to showcase new and famous movies only. However, there was a time in cinemas where requests from people were accepted to display the favourite movie, however, it’s long gone now. Kettering Odeon has a disturbing history as the site has undergone several architectural changes. According to several reviews of early visitors, Kettering Odeon was a deserted warehouse cinema due to its poor condition. Kettering Odeon has also faced massive financial instability to which has brought defame to its condition. Despite the negative remarks, Kettering Odeon holds a remarkable reputation amongst the locals of Kettering. Today Kettering Odeon of Pegasus Court is an 8-screen multiplex and displays latest movies for the Kettering locals.

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