Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

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History of Kettering Park Hotel & Spa:


Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is a subsidiary of the famous Thwaites Family who originated as the first Brewers in 1807. Daniel Thwaites, a founding member of the Thwaites Brewery, affiliated its business with the Eanam Brewery in 1807. Danial who built the brewer empire himself by bringing forth innovative, generous, and quality taste in the brewery. Today the company owns the famous chain of the brewery in the world followed by Hotels & Spas.


Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is located next to the A14 in Kettering. It has also won several awards for having an outstanding restaurant, comforting hotels, memorising spa and splendid beauty treatments. It also offers free Wi-Fi and free parking within two miles of the centre of Kettering.

Inauguration in Kettering, Northamptonshire:


The Kettering, Northamptonshire branch was opened in 1993 when the Thwaites decided to expand their product region in the world. Each room at the Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is air-conditioned, supported by Satellites. It provides the visitors with relaxing tea and coffee that will eradicate every stress one could have in his mind. The rooms have a fridge that is filled with mouth-watering eatables. Bathrooms and restrooms are furnished with Crabtree & Evelyn with luxurious bathrobes that will make you realize how elite you can become with Kettering Park Hotel & Spa.


The spa is garnished with hot tub, sauna and a steam bath that help everyone to relax their bodies physically. It also offers pool, gym classes, and fitness centre for children and adults. One of the best things about the Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is that the restaurants serve occasional dishes according to seasons. Visitors can enjoy meals in Summer while being there to spend the best summer holidays whereas it provides stress-free winter fireplace for dinner in winter.

Easily Accessible:


You can reach the Kettering Park Hotel & Spa from anywhere in London by train, Car, and Taxi. The train will take approximately one hour to reach whereas you can easily travel by car covering only two miles from the Kettering Golf Club and Kettering Train Station. Adjacent to five minutes’ drive is the famous Wicksteed Amusement park.


If you’re planning to spend an elite vacation, Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is the best choice for you as it has all the ingredients to make your stay a memorable one. You can request pre-booking for the place by going through authorised websites or just simply visit their official website for details.

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