Kettering Railway Station

During the survey of 1086, The Domesday Book had recorded a village by the name ‘Cytringan’ that today is known as Kettering. The town has indeed witnessed a struggling history with numerous hurdles on its path. From pious Baptist Missionary Society to the demolishing of Victorian Buildings, Kettering has survived and faced many industrial ups and downs. Let’s take a look how Kettering Railway Station got his way into the town.

History of Kettering Railway Station:

Kettering Railway Station-2

(Photo: Kettering Railway Station in 1857)

Instituted in May 1857 – Kettering Railway Station became part of the linking line of Midland Railway. It initially connected the Midland to the Great Northern Railway at Hitchin. However, Midland was separated after when it inaugurated its station at St Pancras Railway Station. Charles Henry Driver, who was a renowned British Architect of Victorian Era, designed the Kettering Railway station that consisted of a single platform.  Due to this improvement, it became the prominent station of Midland Cross-Country Branch line and Cambridge.

Developments & Modifications:

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Kettering Railway Station gained instant popularity and received district-wise, positive response. Its single-track line was quadrupled in 1879 to make it more fast and safe as the previous ones were slowing the pace of trains. Also, three new platforms were added to the station to cater an increasing number of passengers. The Midland Railway also built a building with waiting room, few other similar design modifications.

Recession, Unemployment & Poverty:

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During the 1857’s depression, Kettering locals suffered massive financial losses; they were unable to trade their leather, boot and shoe products which were the representation of Kettering. Many lost their jobs in the factories, and poverty struck the town, the people began to lose hope until Kettering Railway Station offered its transportation services to locals to trade their products to different places. This enabled the locals to sell their products much faster in more areas. Soon the economy was restored, and everything came back to normal.

Kettering Railway Station:

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Today Kettering Railway Station is supervised by East Midland Trains and has embarked a strong track. All of its platforms are most crowded. In 2012, East Midland Trains stretched the platforms up to 50 meters so that trains which longer could feasibly be accommodated.  Kettering Railway Station is all set to electrify its trains and tracks as currently it running on diesel trains which is costly and compared to electric trains, is slow. Therefore, by 2019 Midland Main Line electrification of Kettering Railway Station will take place.