Kettering Shoe & Boot Industry: A Historical Glimpse

History Kettering Shoe and Boot Industry:

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Kettering has been the central attention of locals, tourists, and especially industrialists. It introduced itself after when it was mentioned in the Domesday Book survey in 1086. The splendid market town of Northamptonshire has over 900 years of professional history in making boots and shoes Initially, the boots and shoe industry in Kettering received materials for production, items such as plentiful stock of leather from nearby shops and cattle markets. Also, the ample amount of water for tanning and oak bark wood has always been available, making Kettering a perfect and central spot in Northamptonshire for trade and manufacturing of boots and shoes.

Traditional Inheritance:

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For many centuries, Kettering has continued its excellent work of boots and shoemaking with receiving affiliation from nearby towns and villages such as Rushden, Burton Latimer, Rothwell etc. Everyone embarked the prosperous ship of industrialisation in the 17th and 18th century. In fact, after the institution of boots and shoe factories, every village and town were uniquely identified for making different shoes. For example, Long Buckby, a nearby village, was quite famous to make high-quality long boots, Wollaston, a nearby village, became prominent for shoe work and Rushden for making boots and shoes in different sizes. No wonder Northamptonshire was flourishing with success.

The Shoemakers of Northamptonshire:

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Kettering along with few villages mentioned above became so prominent that it contributed to the nation’s economy in the 19th century. The shoemakers in Kettering, Northamptonshire were in high demand as not everyone was a good at it. It was the same time when Luton was on peaks due to Vauxhall Motors and Luton Hats. Things were finally changed industrially around Northamptonshire. One of the intriguing facts about shoemakers in Northamptonshire is that they produced around 2/3 of 70 million shoes during the first world war and also offered pairs of footwear the soldiers in American War.

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Kettering Boots and Shoe Industry:

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Unlike Luton Hats, Boots and Shoe industry in Kettering, Northamptonshire never stopped. In fact, the people were more interested in buying exquisite shoes, knowing that they wouldn’t find one today anywhere in the UK. Today Kettering is enriched with not only boots and shoe industry but have also produced industrialists who brought forth electricity, gas lightening, car manufacturing and textile industry. We can witness many surviving factories and companies which relate the exemplary tales of how Kettering embarked on a lucky ship of industrialisation.

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