Kettering Swimming Pool

History of Kettering Swimming Pool and Swimming Baths:

Kettering Swimming Pool

Swimming pools and Swimming baths first came to Kettering, Northamptonshire in the late 19th century. However, the existence of swimming pools, especially swimming baths goes all the back to the Roman civilisation when the Roman emperors used to have extensive swimming baths inside their palace accompanied by women. According to history, it was an insult for the Royal members to wash or take a bath on their own. This is why the history is filled with exciting stories of how Romans and Anglo-Saxon tribes used to create small swimming pools to take a bath. Kettering Initially had a number of swimming pools, one of which is the Wicksteed Park Swimming pool that came to light in the 50s and early 60s.

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The first swimming pool or Swimming bath was opened in 1895 in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Despite its initial name, the history reminds us of Kettering Swimming Pool by the Old Swimming Baths Kettering. It was opened at a site that was previously used as a factory.

Historical Memories of Kettering Swimming Baths:

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(Photo: First old swimming bath at Bath Lane)

Kettering Swimming Bath of Bath Lane was opened in March 1915 (1914 in some Kettering history books). It served the purpose of excellent recreational place and swimming pool until 1983 when it was demolished due to several odd reasons.

Kettering Swimming Club:

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Kettering swimming club is another branch of Kettering Swimming Pool located on London Road in Kettering, Northamptonshire. It was opened in 1984 for the London Road Kettering Swimming Pool branch, but it was already present at Bath Lane by the name of Victoria Baths. Sadly, it was closed due to floods and financial instabilities that the management underwent in the 1980s, which further led to the opening of Kettering Swimming Club at Kettering Swimming Pool on London Road.

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(Photo: Wicksteed Park Swimming Pool in the 1950s)

The original Kettering Swimming Club is said to have opened on December 15th in 1914. The flourishing new swimming club was known as the Kettering Men’s Swimming and Water Polo Club, which initially consisted of twenty committee members and could facilitate 40 swimmers.

Kettering Swimming Pool:

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Today Kettering Swimming Pool is supervised by leisure centre. It offers a spectacular swimming pool, a bath, gym, swimming club, fitness trainers and tips to stay healthy, health motivational reminders and much more. You can visit the place on London Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Interestingly, it’s five minutes away from bath lane where the history of Kettering Swimming Pool started its flourishing journey. You can also enjoy:

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Kettering Swimming Pool prices vary from package to package; you can visit the Kettering swimming Pool from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm

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