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Historical Glimpse:

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Kettering Town Football Club initially came into being in 1872 and received its professional recognition in 1891. It is the official club that represents Kettering, a renowned market town of Northamptonshire, England. The struggle of the organisation may indeed have a significant resemblance to various famous football clubs in surrounding as it stumped along major league and tournaments that later resulted in series of victories. The club added its first souvenir from winning the Midland Football League held in 1896 followed by another victory in 1900. The 20th century provided the organisation with the numerous on and off the record wins including but not limited to, The Southern League Championship (three times winner), Birmingham League Champions in 1948. Kettering Town FC received the honour to become the founding member of the Alliance Premier League in 1979.

Poppies ‘Thriving with Honour:


Kettering Town FC is the first British Club to wear sponsored shirts during the match. A local firm by the name ‘Kettering Tyres’ offered its gratitude to sponsor the team for their upcoming event, to which the management accepted with courtesy. It was also their first commercial step towards prosperity. However, the FA committee objected to the slogan and requested the team to remove the sponsored words. The team did change the phrase to ‘Kettering T’, but that wasn’t sufficient enough. Ultimately the team had to bow-down due to a penalty of £1,000 from the FA committee.  In 1977, sponsorship received legalisation from English football. Kettering Town FC is also the first British club to have their initials on their ground’s floodlights.

Up They Go:


In the early stages of 1900, Kettering Town FC struggled its way up to the top. Their first considerable achievement was reaching the 16th spot amongst the top 20th clubs in FA 1901. Following is the list of their winning streaks throughout decades:

  •         Maunsell Cup – Winners 1912–13, 1919–20, 1923–24 (joint), 1924–25, 1928–29,                      1947–48, 1951–52, 1954–55, 1959–60, 1984–85, 1987–88, 1988–89, 1992–93, 1993–        94, 1998–99
  •         Southern League (All Divisions & Championships) – Winners 1927–28 & 29, 1956–57,             1960-61, 1972-75, 2001-02
  •         Midland League – Winners 1895-96, 1899-1900
  •         National League – Winners 2006-07 at Conference North, Winners 1986-87 at League            Cup

That’s not it. Kettering Town FC has several world records and produced several famous international players.


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