New Empire Cinema – Forgotten Movie Cinema in Kettering

New Empire Cinema – The Empire Cinema:

New Empire Cinema Kettering

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According to cinematreasures, the history of New Empire Cinema started when it first opened doors of entertainment to Kettering locals as ‘The Empire Cinema’ on May 3rd, 1920 with a movie ‘The Still Alarm (1918)’.

Initially, the Empire Cinema could provide seating for maximum 500 people, 400 in the stalls, and 100 in the round-shaped area (balcony) adjacent to the stage. It was a huge success as it was the first ever cinema to be to promote photography.

New Empire Cinema – Naming & Address Controversies:

New Empire Cinema Kettering

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According to some online sources, people have come forth with questions regarding the name history of the Empire Cinema as well as the address. Some historians and locals suggest that the Empire Cinema was situated on Eskdaill Street NN16 8RA in Kettering, while other sources mention the address on 117 Montagu Street NN16 8RU in Kettering.

Both of these streets were separate side-ways and there’s actually no other sources that confirm it is on the Montagu Street or Eskdaill Street.

The correct address of New Empire Cinema is Eskdaill Street NN16 8RA, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.

New Empire Cinema – MikeJC:

New Empire Cinema Kettering

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MikeJC is a local contributor of Cinema Treasures who commented on the New Empire Cinema’s blog. He says that the Empire Cinema had undergone internal reconstruction and refurbishment followed by name-change in 1949. According to him, the New Empire Cinema was built for Mr Bamford who had established successful photography business.

Further, he also highlights one of the sad yet interesting facts that ruined the Empire Cinema. Before the closure, someone had thrown an ice cream on the cinema screen. Apart from visuals damage, the stain stayed until the Empire Cinema was closed.

New Empire Cinema – A Cinematic Competition:

New Empire Cinema Kettering

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The Empire Cinema became ‘New Empire Cinema’ in 1942 after several archaeological changes in the building. People finally began to recognize the significance of this cinema but many were drifted away soon.

New Empire Cinema faced a challenge of competing with other leading cinemas like Granada Cinema, Odeon Cinema, Gaumont Kettering Cinema, and Savoy Cinema.

On June 19th, 1954, New Empire Cinema was permanently closed. It remained empty for years, but later A.R & W Cleaver took over it and made it a warehouse. Today, Selecta Tyre and Exhaust Centre stands on the ruins of the New Empire Cinema since 1989.

Contact Details of New Empire Cinema:

  • New Empire Cinema Address – Eskdaill Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • New Empire Cinema Postcode – NN16 8RA
  • New Empire Cinema Status – Closed, Demolished, and Replaced

New Empire Cinema Kettering

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