Odeon Kettering – Forgotten Movie Cinema in Kettering

ODEON Kettering – The Victoria Hall:

Odeon Kettering (35 Gold Street)

(Photo: The Victoria Hall (Right) in the 1930s – Source)

The first franchise of Odeon cinemas in Kettering was opened at the Victoria Hall on December 17th, 1888. It was the first public cinema for the locals, which had 900 seats in stalls, side gallery levels and balcony. Initially, the Victoria Hall was used as a venue for stage performances and concerts, but later introduced Bioscope film shows (became cinema and theatre). The stage it had for performances was 30 feet deep and had one studio room with four dressing rooms.

With ‘The Lowland Wolf’ as the performance, the Victoria Hall met unfortunate fate and was closed on April 9th, 1920 for an indefinite period.

ODEON Kettering – The Victoria Picture House:

Odeon Kettering (35 Gold Street)

(Photo: Odeon Kettering (Left) on Gold Street showing My Lucky Star (1938) movie – Source)

Few months after the closure of the Victoria Hall, the Odeon Cinema site was transformed into a luxurious cinema known as ‘The Victoria Picture House’ on August 23rd, 1920. The first movies played were ‘The Hoodlum (The Ragamuffin 1919)’ and ‘Wild Waves and Women (1919)’ featuring the stunning Mary Pickford. The seating arrangement was limited to 860 and for the first time, it had proper projection equipment (rear projection and box) on the stage.

After spending 16 years, the Victoria Picture House permanently closed on April 25th, 1036 after when Odeon theatres Ltd. acquired the rights of ownership (1935-36).

Odeon Theatres – Art Deco Style:

Odeon Kettering (35 Gold Street)

(Photo: Source)

Odeon Theatres revamped and refurbished the Kettering Cinema building and shaped it in an Art Deco style cinema. Harry Weedon, the architect of the Odeon Cinema, put forth the Art Deco idea which was completed along with interior decorations by Mollo & Egan. Things were finally beginning to change, Odeon Kettering Cinema had 1,090 seating arrangement (360 in a circle, 740 in the stalls).

It again underwent name replacement with Odeon, famous moments include the World Premiere (screening) of the movie ‘The Browning Version (1951)’.

ODEON Cinemas in Kettering:

Odeon Kettering (35 Gold Street)

(Photo: Source)

On October 29th, 1960, the Odeon Cinema, Kettering was closed due to the introduction of television. Despite how beneficial the invention was, it has destroyed the essence of cinemas and so did Odeon Kettering. Rank Organisation closed the cinema after finding it being unused for a year and replaced it with Top Rank Bingo Club on November 8th, 1961. Eleven years later (1972), Bing Club was closed and sold to the Kettering Council, who demolished the Odeon Cinema in September 1974.

Today, Boots Chemists (located in Newlands Shopping Centre) stands on the very ruins of Odeon Cinema.

Contact Details of Odeon Kettering:

  • Odeon Kettering (demolished) Address – 35 Gold Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK (site is replaced with Boots, pharmacy in Kettering)
  • Odeon Kettering (demolished) Postcode – NN16 8JL
  • Odeon Kettering (demolished) status – closed, demolished, and replaced

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