Rockingham Castle

Rockingham Castle History:

Rockingham Castle

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Erected in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, Rockingham Castle is a historic castle situated near Corby, England. The history of Rockingham Castle dates back to Roman and Saxon period when the castle’s site was used during Iron Age, Rockingham Castle has also witnessed several invasions from Saxon tribes followed by the Normans and Tudors in the Medieval period.

One of the main reasons why every tribe utilized the Rockingham Castle’s site was its elevated position which provided a clear-wide view of the Welland Valley, the same reason it was a stronghold and a defensive area.

Historical Timeline of Rockingham Castle:

Rockingham Castle

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11th to 14th Century:

  • William the Conqueror built Motte and Bailey (wooden) in Rockingham
  • William II replaced with wood structure with stones
  • Fortification and Shell Keep (stone keep) were constructed of Motte and Bailey
  • Used by Royal members while hunting in Rockingham Forest
  • Henry III added the twin D-tower gatehouse in 1270 to reinforce the castle
  • Edward III paid the last visit as monarch in the 14th century
  • The Crown took over the possession of the Rockingham Castle in the 14th century

15th to 21st Century:

  • Rockingham Castle becomes poor in condition due to negligence in 15th century
  • Sir Edward Watson acquired leasing rights of the Rockingham Castle from Henry VIII
  • Fascinating Gardens and Tudor were added as a replacement
  • Charles I used the castle as military quarters during English Civil War in the 1640s
  • Henry Grey seized the castle in 1643 and demolished the walls in 1646
  • Rockingham Castle received ‘Civil Residence’ during 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Rockingham Castle shuffled from one to another in possession of the Watson-Wentworth family
  • Owned by Saunders Watson Family today, Rockingham Castle is used as a wedding, filming, and event venue

Getting to and from Rockingham Castle

Rockingham Castle

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By utilizing the following public transport, you can easily travel to and from Rockingham Castle from anywhere in Northamptonshire, UK:

Travel to Rockingham Palace by Train – Following train stations can use to travel to Rockingham Palace: Corby Train Station NN17 1TT, Kettering Train Station NN15 7HT, and Market Harborough Train Station LE16 7DT

Travel to Rockingham Castle by Bus/Coach – Hop on any bus from Northamptonshire that has stops at following bus stations that are nearest to Rockingham Castle: Sondes Arms PH LE16 8TG, Nevis Close NN17 2JR, Cam Close NN17 2HN

Travel to Rockingham Castle by Taxi – If you’re looking for a reliable, luxurious and cost-effective way to travel, Kettering Taxis & Minicabs provides remarkable taxis in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Book a taxi to Rockingham Castle with us and never miss out this great historical site.

Contact Details of Rockingham Castle:

  • Rockingham Castle Address – Rockingham Castle Estate, Market Harborough, near Corby, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Rockingham Castle Postcode – LE16 8TH
  • Rockingham Castle Contact Number – +44 (0)1536 770240
  • Rockingham Castle Opening Hours – 9 AM to 5 PM (not confirmed)

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