Rothwell, Northants: History, Facts, and Interesting Information

Early History of Rothwell, Northants:

Rothwell, Northants History, Facts, and Interesting Information

(Photo: Rodewelle mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086-86 – Source)

Rothwell, Northamptonshire carries old history that possibly connects the town with Anglo-Saxon but still, a concrete evidence may require supporting this fact. According to an 1869 published book ‘History of Rothwell’ by Paul Cypher, Rothwell was significantly mentioned during the time of William the Conqueror. The book’s first chapter ‘The Hundred of Rothwell (Rowell)’ was divided into two distinct parts: Stofald (in the west) and Rodewell (in the east). Rothwell, Northamptonshire is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086-87 as ‘Rodewelle’.

Rothwell – The Place of the Red Well:

Rothwell, Northants History, Facts, and Interesting Information

(Photo: Map of Rothwell – Source)

Another online source authentic Rothwell, Northants origin to be set in the Bronze Age. As the time passed on, the Romano-British tribes invaded the lands and settled at Rothwell for quite some time. Interestingly, Rothwell first came to notice when the Danish invaders conquered the land. The name ‘place of the red well’ was named due to ample quantity of fresh mixed-colour water flowing in Rothwell, the area was also rich in minerals and irons.

Historic Structural Timeline of Rothwell:

Rothwell, Northants History, Facts, and Interesting Information

(Photo: Thomas TreshamSource)

Today, hundreds of locals and tourists visit Rothwell every day to witness the fascinating beauty this Dark-aged town carries with it. Here’s a quick glance at the famous buildings that have become prominent tourist attractions over the year:

  • Rothwell Market Town – After the formal introduction of Rodewell in the Domesday Book, the already-established small market was rushed with bypassers that used the area to stop. We all know that the old markets in Great Britain consisted of buy and sell in exchange for items.
  • Rothwell, The Manor House – This building dates back to mid-18th century that displays the antique carefully engraved beauty that takes every starrer back to Roman times.
  • Rushton Triangular Lodge – Also known as Rothwell Triangular Lodge, it’s a historic and Gothic strange building designed by Sir Thomas Tresham who was a devoted Catholic. Other buildings by Thomas include Rothwell Market House.

Other places that attract every are The William Ball Foundry, Jesus Hospital, The Nunnery, Holy Trinity Church, and Rothwell Arts & Heritage Centre.

Rothwell, Northants History, Facts, and Interesting Information

(Photo: Rothwell Market House – Source)

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