Rushton Triangular Lodge

History of the Triangular Lodge:


(Photo: Sir Thomas Tresham)

Rushton Triangular Lodge was designed and constructed by Sir Thomas Tresham between the years 1593 to 1597. Before it was built, the site was known for having a splendid garden of Rushton Hall which displayed the antique beauty of plants and mesmerising trees. Rushton Triangular Lodge is listed amongst the most unusual buildings in the UK due to its unique history.


(Photo: View from Rushton Triangular Lodge, Rushton Hall is visible from left side behind trees)

Catholic Beliefs of Tresham:



Rushton Triangular Lodge is an interesting architectural marvel that covers the true Catholic symbolism put forth by Thomas Tresham. He was a pious Catholic and refused to convert to Protestant Christianity for which he was imprisoned for 15 years in the 16th century. Upon his release in 1593, he decided to design and construct a place where he could safeguard his faith. That is why, keeping the Holy Trinity belief in front, he built the lodge in a triangular shape and thus it got famous as Triangular Lodge. Since it was built on the Garden of the Rushton Hall, therefore, it became Rushton Triangular Lodge.

Numerical Significance:

numerical symbols

Tresham built the lodge in some three’s. Every measurement in and outside of the lodge is in three. He is intentionally done that to symbolise it with the Trinity belief that also has three main perspectives. The shape of the lodge is triangular; the lodge has three sides, it has three floors including the basement, each floor has three windows, it has three gables on each side. There is an inscription on each side that has 33 letters of length. Every wall measurement except one that is 15 ends in 3.


There is also an inscription on the entrance that states ‘Res Testimonium Dant’ which means ‘there are three that give witness’. Tresham also loved complex puzzles, and that is the reason why he built the triangular lodge with complex structure and architecture. Theorists say that he is purposely doing this to raise a protest against his religious oppression.

Black Magic Conspiracy:


Theorist and religious scholars have debated on the subject of whether Tresham was involved in black magic or not because there was no significant purpose of involving complex mathematics if it was entirely about Catholic Christianity. However, no concrete evidence has been provided by anyone to prove such allegations. Interesting very few (almost none) have witnessed the Rushton Triangular Lodge due to religious difference.

Rushton Triangular Lodge is indeed a delightful yet intriguing historical site, full of conspiracies, Catholic beliefs, and numerical puzzles.

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