Savoy Corby Cinema

Savoy Corby Cinema History:

The history of Savoy Corby Cinema began on July 31st, 2015 when it was opened for public. It is one of the two operational cinemas in Corby that entertain locals and tourists with great quality movie shows. The history of Corby Cinemas goes back to 1936 when the first ever ODEON Corby Cinema was opened on March 16th.

However, due to unforeseen reasons, Corby could not hold on to the cinematic prosperity and underwent a filmic decline.

But today, Corby is again lighting up with entertainment as Savoy Corby Cinema begins to shine.

Savoy Cinemas History:

Being one of the oldest functioning cinema chains in Dublin and Ireland – The history of Savoy Cinemas began in 1929 when its first Savoy Cinema was built. Apart from unrivalled amenities and facilities, Savoy Cinemas were the preferred choice in Ireland for movie premières.

Today, there are only four Savoy Cinemas left operational around the UK:

  •         Savoy Cinema Nottingham – Derby Road, Nottingham NG7 1QN, UK
  •         Savoy Cinema Corby – Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby NN17 1QW, UK
  •         Savoy Cinema Worksop – Bridge Street, Worksop S80 1HP, UK
  •         Savoy Cinema Boston – 32-44 West Street, Boston PE21 8QH, UK

Savoy Cinema Corby:

With hundreds of movie enthusiasts every day, Savoy Corby Cinema is embarked the ship of success by offering incomparable amenities. Savoy Corby Cinema as six (6) screens with 900 seating arrangement (Pro Bax Seating). Screen 1 at Savoy Corby Cinema is installed with a Dolby Atmos sound system that just doubles the joy while watching the latest movies.

You can also hire the Savoy Corby Cinema for:

  •         Children’s Parties
  •         Game Console Parties
  •         Private Screenings

Parking at Savoy Cinema Corby is available in surrounding streets for quite a limited time (up to 3 hours).

How Can I Get to the Savoy Corby Cinema?

Getting to and from Savoy Corby Cinema is affordable and safe if you utilise the following Corby travel guide for travelling to and from Savoy Corby Cinema by Corby local transportation.

Travel to Savoy Corby Cinema by Train – Interested travellers can use the following Corby Railway Stations nearest to Savoy Corby Cinema to reach the cinema Corby by train: Corby Train Station (NN17 1TT).

Travel to Savoy Corby Cinema by Bus/Coach – Interested travellers can also use the following Corby bus stations nearest to Savoy Corby Cinema to reach the site by bus or coach: George Street Stop G, C, F, B (NN17 1QB) and George Street Stop I, H (NN17 1QE).

Travel to Savoy Corby Cinema by Taxi – Premier Taxis Kettering provides cheap & reliable Corby taxis to and from Savoy Corby Cinema taxis. You can book a taxi to Savoy Corby Cinema from anywhere in Northamptonshire at any time on any day with us.

Contact Details of Savoy Corby Cinema:

  • Savoy Corby Cinema Address – Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Savoy Corby Cinema Postcode – NN17 1QE
  • Savoy Corby Cinema Contact Number – +44 1536 266685
  • Savoy Corby Cinema Opening Hours – Opens 15 mins before the first film time and closes 20 mins after the last film start (Monday to Sunday).

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