Top 5 Bars & Pubs in Kettering

Kettering that once was an Anglo-Saxon village is amongst the prosperous towns of the UK today. From healthcare to improved transportation, Kettering displays its finest to people who love to live in a historic town, filled with historical places and landmarks. Furthermore, Kettering has developed a great taste in food and drinks, so that everyone could go along fine every day. In case you have missed our last article about Top 5 Best Restaurants in Kettering, here’s a quick link for it.

Here’s the list of Top 5 Bars & Pubs in Kettering that you might want to visit to relax yourself a bit, Enjoy!

  1.      Trading Post – Traditional Pub

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Trading Post is one of the few pubs in Kettering that serves classic pub with great delicious food. It could be a perfect choice for those who’re planning to enjoy with friends and families. Modern décor, carvery meal, exquisite drinks, and perfect seating arrangement – Trading Post has every ingredient of happiness. They even have special children meals that are affordable, and they offer complimentary food & drinks as well.

  1.      The Red Lion – Rustic Pub

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(Photo: Beer Varieties at The Red Lion, Kettering )

A classic history of more than 400 years – The Red Lion is an ideal place for people who love to try out old and traditional tastes of drinks in Britain. The interior is decorated culturally to represent and create a conventional theme character so that every visitor could experience cosy corners, beams, open fires with low ceilings just like old times. The Red Lion has wide-range of quality drinks from nationwide recognised real ales and finest brewery brands in the UK.

  1.      The Peacock – Modern-Day Pub

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(Photo: Offerd Drinks from The Peacock’s Advertisement)

Surrounded by a pub garden and midst location – The Peacock is a contemporary pub and restaurant that is reviewed as the perfect place to relax and enjoy delightful food and drinks in Kettering. One more thing that makes this pub a famous hang-out spot is the friendly-chattering atmosphere which allows everyone to blend in easily, the food and drinks they offer are of high quality.

  1.      Park House – Casual Pub

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Friendly Staff, Great wine, and perfect food – these are some of the compliments that Park House receive on every visit. A red-brick building that surprises its every visitor with traditional family pub offers of 2-for-1. It has amenities to facilitate disabled individuals and even provides free Wi-Fi. Park House serves one of the best traditional wines and beers of Britain that just heighten the enjoyment.

  1.      Hobsons Choice – Family-Friendly Pub

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(Photo: Bar View of Hobsons Choice, Kettering)

Are you looking for a place to enjoy pleasant food and delicate drinks? Well, Hobsons Choice is the only choice you may have. Its motto is to make every visitor upon their leave, and they do it by serving a variety of different food dishes complemented with pure superb drinks. They have great meals for any time of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Hobsons Choice knows how to tickle your taste buds.

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