Top 5 Facts about ODEON Cinema

Did you know that ODEON Theatre is rated one of the best theatre in the UK, Germany, and Ireland for not being overtly expensive?

Going to the movies is one of the most utilized pastime activity in leisure time around the globe. But the question that arises in mind, after selecting a movie, is where do we go? Fortunately, the natives of the UK have one outstanding option to choose: Odeon Theatre.

Here’s the list of top 5 facts about Odeon Cinema that will influence you to visit this antique marvel more often.

  1.      Redevelopment of Odeon at Kettering

After its successful foundation, Odeon went through a lot of ups and downs. One of them was the constructional redevelopment of its famous buildings located in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 1936. Historians at that time said that this action was taken due to the immense popularity of Odeon Cinemas in Kettering who also happened to be the best place for Popcorn. Sadly, most of the Odeon Cinema buildings in Kettering are now stationary shops, bingo hall, and other uneventful shops.

exterior odeon cinema west sussex arun littlehampton

exterior victoria hall northamptonshire kettering kettering

  1.      Biggest Cinema Chains in the UK

Odeon holds the record to be the one of the only cinema company to be the biggest cinema chains in the UK by a number of sites. Since its inauguration in the 1930s, Odeon has bought numerous sites and along with small cinema chains that include the ABC and UCI with more than 110 sites. Odeon is also one of the leading and biggest markets in Germany due to the fact that most of the cinemas there are branded by UCI.


  1.      Oscar Deutsch – Name Controversy

Oscar Deutsch is recorded to be the name of a businessman who was the founder of Odeon Cinemas in 1928. Various publicists and critics have been debating on the fact that the word ‘ODEON’ is derived from a motto linked to Oscar that is ‘Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation – ODEON’. However, that’s not true, in fact, this name was already in use before the cinema chain came into being. Odeon is an Ancient Greek word. The same controversy is also faced by ‘Nickelodeon’, a cinema chain in the United States.


  1.      Customer Oriented Cinema Chain

Odeon is very conscious about its customers and nothing goes off here when it comes to queries and complaints. In 2012, a complaint was registered online through Facebook by a customer name ‘Matt Pledger’, who criticized the facilities such as pricing, staff facilitation, etc. His complaint, being on the social media, went viral and Odeon actually took consideration of it and rectified the things he had mentioned. In addition, every theatre around the UK took this post as a caution and improved so many things in their theatres.


You can still find the complaint here:

  1.      Limitless Card

Odeon offers a monthly package for customers to see as many movies as they want in £17.99. ‘Odeon’s Limitless Card’ is accessible in its every branch. However, you’d have to pay extra for some certain things like change in screening to IMAX or a 3D movie etc.



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