Top 5 Facts About Rothwell, Northamptonshire, UK

Rothwell, Northamptonshire Facts:

Not to be confused with Rothwell, West Yorkshire which as another market town – Rothwell, Northamptonshire was first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. However, Rothwell is said to be present during the time of William the Conqueror. Rothwell is famous for having Rushton Triangular Lodge, Rothwell Gullet, restaurants, hotels, and historical landmarks. However, there is still the history of a few things that people don’t know. So, here are some historical facts of Rothwell, Northants. The UK.

  1.      The Place of the Red Well

Rothwell is also known as ‘the place of the red well’ possibly because it has witnessed hundreds or perhaps thousands of blood-shedding wars over power and land. Historians suggest that this was the reason why Rothwell was called the place of the red well. The most evident history of this nickname is that it was named ‘Rodewell’, a Danish settlement invaded during dark ages. No one really knows the authentic reason why Danish tribes called this place Rodewell – the place of the red well.

  1.      Cross Sign on the Rothwell Market House

Thomas ‘the builder’ Tresham (1543-1605) was a devoted Catholic and passionate builder who built several infrequent buildings around the UK. The Rothwell Market was built by Sir Tresham who gave it a strange look. Upon its completion, Tresham constructed a small cross at the top-front of the market house. Some say, he put that due to his religious beliefs while others say he was scared of the devil or things that didn’t want him to be pious (not confirmed).

  1.      Rothwell Bone Crypt – Holy Trinity Church

If you have visited the Holy Trinity Church from 2 pm to 4 pm on Sundays, then you would have seen the Bone Crypt lying beneath the church with over 2,500 people’s remains. There are no simple explanations available of why so many skulls & bones were preserved. Regardless of where they came from, people have assumed that these bones might be linked to plague victims or people slain during Medieval Danes battle.

  1.      Is Rothwell Haunted?

Keeping the strange and unusual history of Rothwell in front, we can say that it can have a paranormal presence. The internet today is flooded with articles, blogs, and reports by people who have actually witnessed some spooky stuff. In fact, BBC once invited people on an online forum to discuss paranormal activities where hundreds of locals described their spooky experiences with strange things in Rothwell, Northants. So, the answer is YES, Rothwell could be haunted.

  1.      Iron Ore Richness

The land where Rothwell resides today is said to be rich in Iron Ore. During exploration and exaction in the early 1900s, people found large ironstones along with other historical items that explained how old settlements used Iron Ore as their necessity.

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