Wellingborough Train Station

Wellingborough Railway Station History:

The history of Wellingborough Train Station (NN8 1NA) began in 1857 as an extension rail link from Leicester to Bedford and Hitchin. Wellingborough railway station operates on the Midland Main Line that covers the North of England train routes. Wellingborough Train Station has 3 operational platforms (4th platform was removed somewhere in the 1980s). Its station code is WEL and serves more than 1.016 million passengers every year (2017/18).

So, if you’re planning to visit Wellingborough by train, make sure you get on a train that stops at Wellingborough Train Station.

Wellingborough Train Station Services:

Wellingborough Railway Station train services comprise different schedules. Travellers can avail a half-hourly train service to London St. Pancras station from Wellingborough station. There’s also an hourly train service to Nottingham (via Leicester) to Corby from Wellingborough. If you’re travelling from Wellingborough on Weekends, then you can avail train to York from Wellingborough (1tph).

Furthermore, Wellingborough train services include:

  • Wellingborough to London St Pancras (2tph)
  • Wellingborough to Corby via Kettering (1tph)
  • Wellingborough to Nottingham via Kettering, Market Harborough, Leicester, Loughborough, and Beeston

Preceding station to Wellingborough is Kettering Railway Station (NN15 7HT) and the following station to Wellingborough is Bedford Railway Station (MK40 1DS).

Facilities at Wellingborough Railway Station:

Wellingborough Station has spacious Wellingborough train station parking at reasonable prices. There are ticket machines, ATM machine, pay phones, baby changing room, tidy waiting area, and ticketing office at Wellingborough Railway Station. Out of three platforms at Wellingborough Railway Station, two platforms are for ordinary use whereas the third is used occasionally (probably during rush hours).

How Can I Get to Wellingborough Train Station?

Getting to and from Wellingborough Railway Station is quite feasible if you utilise the following Wellingborough travel guide for travelling to and from Wellingborough train station by Wellingborough public transport.

Travel to Wellingborough Train Station by Train – You can hop on any train from anywhere that has a stop at Wellingborough Station (check Midland Main Line).

Travel to Wellingborough Train Station by Bus/Coach – You can use the PlusBus service where your bus and train ticket can be paid as one payment. If not, then use the following Wellingborough bus stations nearest to Wellingborough train station to reach the station by bus or coach: Dryden Road (NN8 1PY), Whitworth Road (NN8 1QE), Elsden Road (NN8 1NG), 129 Eastfield Road (NN8 1PR), and Leys Road (NN8 1PT).

Travel to Wellingborough Train Station by Taxis – Premier Taxis Kettering offers cheap Wellingborough station taxis to and from Wellingborough railway station. You can book a taxi to Wellingborough train station to and from anywhere in Northamptonshire, UK.

Contact Details of Wellingborough Railway Station:

  • Wellingborough Railway Station Address – Midland Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Wellingborough Railway Station Postcode – NN8 1NA
  • Wellingborough Railway Station Contact Number – +44 345 712 5678
  • Wellingborough Railway Station Opening Hours – 5 AM to 12:35 AM (Monday to Friday), 5:45 AM to 11:45 PM on Saturday, and 7:30 AM to 12:20 PM on Sunday

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