Woodford War Memorial

Woodford War Memorial History:

Woodford War Memorial

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Woodford War Memorial was erected in January 1919 (post World War I). The history of Woodford War Memorial started after the first world when the locals and British military decided to pay fine gratitude to men and women who fought in both world wars from Woodford, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

War Memorials in the UK:

Woodford War Memorial E18 2PA is a large stone cross structure with rounded pavement having bronze name inscription of 73 Woodford soldiers. The memorial Woodford War ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield who was, at the time, a significant part of the imperial war graves commission.

Interestingly, Woodford War Memorial is not a cross and there are two freestanding war memorials in Woodford, Green, Kettering. one that was not approved but built anyway and second with a revamped design, constructed at St Mary’s Church. The first was one was erected in January 1919 and second on July 10th 1921 on Woodford Sunday feast in Green.

Woodford War Memorial Facts:

Did you know?

Woodford War Memorial was denied constructional approval by the St Mary’s Church due obelisk design and later another was built near churchyard

Woodford War Memorial on the Green:

Woodford War Memorial

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Woodford War Memorial is a Grade-II listed structure that stands today in a village situated in Green, Woodford. For those who do not the significance and purpose of such memorials, they should know that these war memorials serve a great purpose, the United Kingdom is amongst the few countries in the world who have paid tribute to world war martyred soldiers with honours, recognition, and memorials according to their belonging cities.

What is the cost of a taxi to reach Woodford War Memorial, Kettering?

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How can I get to Woodford War Memorial Northamptonshire?

You can travel to Woodford War Memorial Northamptonshire by following public transport:

Getting to and from Woodford War Memorial:

Travel to Woodford War Memorial by Train – hop into any train that has a stop at Kettering Train Station and from there Woodford War Memorial is few blocks away

Travel to Woodford War Memorial by Bus/Coach – following are the bus stations that may help you to reach the War Memorial of Woodford – Highfield Bus Station NN14 4HH, Mil Road Bus Station NN14 4HL, Medical Centre Bus Station NN14 4HY, Rose Terrace Bus Station NN14 4FZ, and The Green Bus Station NN14 4HB

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Woodford War Memorial

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What are the contact details of Woodford War Memorial?

Here’s a list of necessary contact details of Woodford War Memorial:

  • Woodford War Memorial Address – High Street, Woodford, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Woodford War Memorial Postcode – NN14 4HF
  • Woodford War Memorial Phone Number – there’s no phone number
  • Woodford War Memorial Opening Times – Open and free access 24/7

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