Corby Swimming Pool

Corby Swimming Pool History:

The history of Corby Swimming Pool began with its remarkable opening in July 2009 at the cost of £19 million. It is one of a kind, luxurious, and marvellous sports facility. Also known as Corby East Midlands International Pool or Corby Pool – Hundreds of Northants visit Corby Swimming Pool every day for soothing swimming. Corby Swimming Pool is governed by Corby Borough Council (NN17 1QG).

ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or Swim England uses the sports complex on daily basis to host exciting swimming competitions, festivals and annual swimming championships. As a matter of fact, Corby Swimming Pool is the main facility of the following Corby Swimming Clubs:

Corby International Swimming Pool:

With state-of-the-art equipment, Corby East Midlands International Swimming pool offers an extensive variety of unrivalled amenities that simply are just alluring. Don’t worry about the prices as Corby Swimming Pool prices come within everyone’s budget. Some of the marvellous Corby Swimming Pool facilities are:

  •         Corby Swimming Pool Gym: A 70 station gym
  •         Corby Swimming Pool Car Park: Spacious parking at Corby Swimming Pool
  •         Steam and Spa Pool and Health Suite with Sauna
  •         A wide range of swimming activities for children
  •         Studio classes, Meeting room, and Corby Swimming Pool Café

And much more. Corby Swimming Pool is a healthy swimming facility in Corby, England that will suffice as the safe healthy, leisure & culture site.

Corby Swimming Pool Timetable:

Corby Swimming Pool updates its timetable every now and then to ensure visitors get the best out this splendid Corby sports facility. Corby International Pool makes changes in the timetable according to events, competitions, and festivals. Therefore, it will benefit visitors if they could just have a brief glance over Corby International Pool timetable before visiting the site.

Corby International Pool is surrounded by Corby tourist attractions such as Corby Outdoor Skate Park (NN17 1SX) that is 3.2 miles (7 mins) away from the pool, Savoy Cinema Corby (NN17 1QE) that’s 0.3 miles (1 min) away from the pool, and Willow Place Shopping Centre (NN17 1NU) that’s 0.3 miles (1 min) away from the Corby pool.

How Can I Get to Corby Swimming Pool?

Getting to and from Corby Swimming Pool has never been as affordable and simple as it has become today if only interested individuals utilise the following Corby travel guide for travelling to and from Corby Swimming Pool:

Travel to Corby Swimming Pool by Train – Hop on to any train that goes to Corby and use the following Corby railway stations nearest to Corby Swimming Pool as drop-off station to reach the Corby International Pool: Corby Train Station (NN17 1TT).

Travel to Corby Swimming Pool by Bus/Coach – Buses and coaches to and from Corby leave every 15 minutes. Simply hop on buses to Corby and use the following Corby bus stations nearest to Corby Swimming Pool as the drop-off bus station to reach the site by bus: Madisons (NN17 1AW), Chapel Lane (NN17 1AB), Tyre & Auto (NN17 1AS), and Odeon Buildings (NN17 1AD).

Travel to Corby Swimming Pool by Taxis – If you’re in search of a leisure and comfortable trip to Corby Swimming Pool, then book Premier Taxis Kettering that offers cheap Corby taxis to and from Corby Swimming Pool 24 hours a day. You can book a taxi to Corby Swimming Pool at prices you wouldn’t believe.

Contact Details of Corby Swimming Pool:

  • Corby Swimming Pool Address – Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Corby Swimming Pool Postcode – NN17 1QB
  • Corby Swimming Pool Contact Number – +44 1536 464000 (Corby Borough Council)
  • Corby Swimming Pool Opening Hours:




7 AM to 10 PM


7 AM to 10 PM


6:30 AM to 10 PM


7 AM to 10 PM


6:30 AM to 10 PM


9 AM to 5 PM


9 AM to 5 PM

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