Corby Town FC – Details, Facts, and Information

Corby Town FC History:

The history of Corby Town F.C began in 1948 when few players from Swarts & Lloyds Corby A.F.C were acquired to form a new football club in Corby, England. Corby Town Football Club’s official home-ground is Steel Park, Corby that can accommodate 3,893 visitors at a time. Corby Town FC is nicknamed ‘The Steelmen’.

Does Corby town fc have a twitter account?

Yes, it does. Here’s the link to Corby Town FC twitter account.

Facts About Corby Town FC:

Did you know?

Corby Town FC’s nickname ‘The Steelmen’ is derived from an old steelworks in Corby but no one really knows the significance or actual naming reason behind choosing it.

Did you know?

Corby Town FC is not the first club to Corby. Stewards & Lloyds Corby FC is the first Corby Football Club that has been representing the town since 1935 (founded).

Corby Town FC Fixtures and Results:

Corby Town FC stood conquering at 9th rank (out of 22) in the Northern Premier League Division One South 2017-18. As of February 2019, Corby Town FC has won three matches against Didcot Town FC (2-3), Kempston Rovers FC (1-3), and Welwyn Garden City FC (2-5). Corby Town FC league table is available on their official website.

Grounds weren’t lucky enough:

Corby Town FC launched its flourishing football club career playing initial games at Occupation Road, Corby. In fact, it is the same ground where Corby Town FC won their first game against Wellingborough Town FC (5-1) on 21st of August 1948. A few decades later, Corby Town FC moved to Rockingham Triangle in 1985 and stayed there until 2011 when the Corby football club acquired Steel Park stadium, Corby as their home-ground.

How Can I Get to Corby Town FC?

Getting to and from Corby Town FC is quite simple and will take few minutes of travelling if you utilise the following Corby travel guide for travelling to and from Corby by Corby public transportation.

Travel to Corby Town FC by Train – Corby is accessible by every local transport. For train travellers, use the following Corby train stations nearest to Corby Town FC and reach the Steel park Stadium on time for matches: Corby Railway Station (NN17 1TT).

Travel to Corby Town FC by Bus/Coach – Visitors can also use Corby buses to Corby Town FC. Simply use the following Corby bus stations nearest to Corby Town FC to reach the Steel Park Ground by bus: The Shire Horse PH (NN17 2ED), Beech Close (NN17 2EA), Tay Close (NN17 2HF), and Don Close (NN17 2HH).

Travel to Corby Town FC by Taxi – Premier Taxis Kettering offers luxurious and cheap Corby taxis to and from Corby Town FC 24 hours a day. With licensed drivers, you can book a taxi to Corby Town FC from anywhere in Northamptonshire at reasonable prices.

Contact Details of Corby Town FC:

  • Corby Town FC Address – Steel Park, Jimmy Kane Way, Rockingham Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Corby Town FC Postcode – NN17 2AE or NN17 2FB
  • Corby Town FC Contact Number – +44 7783 578262
  •  Corby Town FC Opening Hours – 8 AM to 6 PM (not confirmed)

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