Kettering Sports Club

Kettering Sports Club History:

The history of Kettering Sports Club is more than 125 years old because the Kettering Town Cricket Club that started playing games at the KSC has been playing cricket for aforementioned years in Kettering Sports Club complex. Amongst the unique things about this sports complex is that there are several famous international sports games that visitors can play.

Kettering Sports Club is entitled as one of the biggest county clubs in the Northamptonshire to house various sports.

Sports Complex in Kettering:

Kettering Sports Club is presently divided into six sporting sections:

Hundreds of locals and tourists of all ages visit the Kettering Sports Club to play their favourite sport and boost their sporting enthusiasm. Don’t worry, Kettering Sports Club is a pocket-saving sports venue in Kettering that is entirely family-oriented. Bring your young and adult children to teach them the true county sports.

Famous plays often pay a brief visit to Kettering Sports Club for practice and sometimes on request to teach other emerging players.

Sports Clubs in Kettering, UK:

A lot of people don’t know that the United Kingdom is a birthplace of numerous international sports. If you look at the fascinating history of Kettering, then you’d find a cricket sports club going back to the 15th-16th century. Plus, it’s always good to keep your body busy with something that you find enjoyable and that’s sports. Whether you like Cricket, Rugby or a die-heart fan of football, pay one visit to Kettering Sports Club and you won’t regret our suggestion.

How Can I Get to Kettering Sports Club?

Getting to and from Kettering Sports Club is not only safe but also quite affordable only if you follow the below-mentioned Kettering public transport as Kettering travel guide for travelling to and from Kettering Sports Club:

Travel to Kettering Sports Club by Train – Use the following Kettering Train Stations near Kettering Sports Club to reach the complex on time: Kettering Railway Station (NN15 7HT) and Wellingborough Railway Station (NN8 1NA).

Travel to Kettering Sports Club by Bus/Coach – Use the following Kettering bus stations near Kettering Sports Club to reach the complex safely: Railway Station (NN15 7HJ), 102 Broadway (NN15 7ET), and Northampton House (NN15 7HQ).

Travel to Kettering Sports Club by Taxi – Get to Kettering Sports Club in safest and affordable taxis with Premier Taxis Kettering. You can book a taxi to Kettering Sports Club from anywhere in Northamptonshire with us at quite affordable rates.

Contact Details of Kettering Sports Club:

  • Kettering Sports Club Address – Northampton Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Kettering Sports Club Postcode – NN15 7JX
  • Kettering Sports Club Contact Number – +44 1536 514373
  • Kettering Sports Club Opening Hours – Each Club at KSC may have different opening and closing hours. To inquire, please call on the above-mentioned number.

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