Surrounding Areas of Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK

Geographical Glimpse of Kettering, UK:

Areas near Kettering, UK

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Situated 16.9 miles (28 minutes) from Northampton and 81.8 miles (1 h 47 mins) from north of London, Kettering is a flourishing, beautiful, and peaceful town in Northamptonshire, UK. It is filled with worth-seeing recreational parks, hotels, restaurants, and has an intriguingly fascinating history of sports, but that’s not it. Kettering also becomes the centre of attraction as it is surrounded by places that may surprise your excitement and captivation.

Nearest Towns and Villages to Kettering, UK:

Following are some of the marvellous towns, villages, and cities that are closest to Kettering, in Northamptonshire, UK:

  • Desboroughsituated in the midst of Kettering and Market Harborough, Desborough is an excellent and emerging town in Northamptonshire known as the ‘19th century’s centre of weaving and shoe-making industry’. The distance between Kettering and Desborough is 6.7 miles (11 minutes) via A14. Areas near Kettering

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  • Wellingboroughwith a duality of being a borough and market town in Northamptonshire, Wellingborough is a Saxon-origin town situated 12.9 miles (22 minutes) from Northampton. The distance between Kettering and Wellingborough is 8.5 miles (16 minutes) via A509. Areas near Kettering, UK

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  • Corbyrated as one of the ‘Fastest growing town in the UK in 2016’, Corby is a scenic town and a borough that attracts thousands of locals and immigrants for employment. The distance between Kettering and Corby is 9.4 miles (17 minutes) via A43. Areas near Kettering, UK

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  • Rothwellfamously known as ‘the place of the red well’, Rothwell resides 7.7 miles (14 minutes) southeast of Market Harborough and 1.7 miles (3 minutes) south of Desborough. Rothwell, Northamptonshire is also famous for having Thomas Tresham’s gothic yet amazingly mind-boggling architectures that attract hundreds on daily basis. The distance between Kettering and Rothwell is 5 miles (8 minutes) via A14. Areas near Kettering

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  • Market Harborough situated in the southern rural part of the Leicestershire, Market Harborough is a pleasant and beguiling market town with so much to offer. From Saxon-Christianity to one of the oldest schools, one can find everything required to lead a contented life. The distance between Kettering and Market Harborough is 12.2 miles (19 minutes) via A14 and A6.Areas near Kettering, UK

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Nearest Airports to Kettering:

Areas near Kettering, UK

Apart from the breath-taking countryside and developing market towns, following are the closest airports to Kettering, UK:

  • Birmingham Airport (B26 3QJ) – It is situated 47.4 miles (52 minutes) away from Kettering via A14 and M6 motorway.
  • East Midlands Airport (DE74 2SA) – It is located 53.3 miles (55 minutes) away from Kettering via A14 and M1 motorway.
  • London Luton Airport (LU2 9LY) – It resides 52.7 miles (1 h 3 min) away from Kettering via M1 motorway.
  • London Stansted Airport (CM24 1QW) – It is situated 69.9 miles (1 h 17 min) away from Kettering via A14 and M11 motorway.

Kettering Public Transport:

Kettering is easily accessible by trains, buses, coaches, cars, and taxis. If you’re happened to be in the prosperous town, you may want to book safe, reliable, and affordable taxis by Kettering Taxis and Airport Transfers that provides taxi services in Kettering, Northamptonshire 24 hours a day.

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