Top 5 Rare Facts about Kettering Town FC

Did you know that Kettering Town FC was initially called the ‘Cherries’?

Kettering Town Football Club (FC) – established in 1872, represents Kettering, Northamptonshire, England for its contribution to football.  

Here’s the list of top 5 rare facts about Kettering Town Fc that you probably didn’t know.

  1.      Rockingham Road Football Ground


Also known as the birthday place of Kettering town fc – Rockingham Road Football Ground is a site where the club played from 1887 to 2011, making it be one of the longest sites to host football games, in the UK. This football ground is also responsible for several wins to the Kettering Town fc which includes the famous Midland Football League title in 1896 and 1900. It has also been recognized to host FA Cup that reached out on 41 occasions. Kettering Town FC owned Rockingham Road ground until 1992 due to financial instability.

  1.      Scott Endersby – Youngest Goalkeeper


Scott Endersby was the goalkeeper for Kettering Town FC in 1977 in FA cup. At the time of play, he was just 15 years old which later marked the record of him being the youngest player to play in the FA Cup. However, his was challenged during the season by some statisticians and resulting in a match void, but nine days later, Scott came back in the team for the reply match.

  1.      Sponsored Shirts


Kettering Town Fc is one of the first British team to have in-game sponsored t-shirts. A lot of football fans mistakenly and unknowingly consider Liverpool to be the first one to do so (sponsored with Hitachi in 1979), but a little do they know that in 1976, Kettering Town FC signed a deal with Kettering Tyres, a local firm and printed its name on their official t-shirt. They played their first sponsored t-shirt match against Bath City in a Southern League game on January 24th, 1976.

The logo of the sponsor was banned by the committee because of their non-receptive behavior. Kettering town even shortened the logo to ‘Kettering T’ but it didn’t work. The ban was lifted a year later.

  1.      ‘Poppies’
Closeup of red poppies in a poppy field in Tuscany
Closeup of red poppies in a poppy field in Tuscany

Kettering Town FC is nicknamed ‘Poppies’ due to the colour of the home kit that was red since its beginning and also an association to the colour of a poppy flower. However, people don’t recall today the first nickname that was ‘Cherries’ for the same reason, but it was discarded by the club for some unknown reasons.

  1.      Seasonal Record Breaker – Famous

Kettering Town FC is also famous for its record breaking performances. In 2008, the club broke a series of records winning 30-consecutive games. The tour was also the promotion-winning campaign. With such massive hits, poppies reached out a total of 97 points in that particular division.


Kettering Town FC is also famous to accompany widely recognized players like Tommy Lawton – a well-known distinctive International English striker who became the manager of the club in 1950. The list is followed by legendary players like Ron Atkinson and Paul Gascoigne.

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