Wellingborough Golf Club & Course

Wellingborough Golf Club History:

The history of Wellingborough Golf Club started in 1893 when seven pioneering gentlemen planned a meet-up on November 3rd, 1893 (Friday) at Wellingborough Drill Hall to discuss golf club in Wellingborough. It was an open invitation where others could also hop on. Despite being an informal meeting, around twenty-nine individuals showed up who were enthusiastic to play golf.

Thus, the foundation of Wellingborough Golf Club was laid. The first course was created on Nest Farm (now Finedon Road Industrial Estate).

Facts About Wellingborough Golf Club:

Did you know?

Thomas Mitchell Morris, otherwise known as ‘Old Tom Morris, renowned Scottish golfer, laid the foundation of Wellingborough Golf Club.

Did you know?

Wellingborough Golf Club’s first club was a railway carriage.

Wellingborough Golf Course – Harrowden Hall:

The newly formed club received instant admiration from surrounding areas. Wellingborough Golf Club moved to Harrowden Hall in 1975. The history of Harrowden Hall began in 1719 with its institution by Thomas Watson Wentworth who was the son of Lord Rockingham. During the club’s expansion days, Wellingborough Club Golf sought the opportunity and bought Harrowden Hall after when a demolition almost destroyed the hall.

Today, Harrowden Hall is a prominent wedding venue in Great Harrowden, Wellingborough.

Wellingborough Golf Club – Weddings, Functions and Events:

From playing golf in a greenish, picturesque environment to events and functions at Harrowden Hall, the club attracts hundreds of enthusiast golfers every week. There’s also Junior Golf Club Membership at Wellingborough Golf Club. Let your children attend Golf coaching sessions by professionals only for £5 a child.

So, gather your family & friends and visit Wellingborough Golf Club today for soothing golf games.

How Can I Get to Wellingborough Golf Club?

Getting to and from Wellingborough Golf Club is easy and very affordable if only interested individuals utilise the following Wellingborough travel guide for travelling to and from Wellingborough Golf Club by Wellingborough local transport.

Travel to Wellingborough Golf Club by Train – Use the following Wellingborough railway stations nearest to Wellingborough Golf Club to reach the club by train: Wellingborough Railway Station (NN8 1NA).

Travel to Wellingborough Golf Club by Bus/Coach – Use the following Wellingborough bus stations nearest to Wellingborough Golf Club to reach the club by bus or coach: Phone Box (NN9 5AB), Kettering Road Crossroads (NN9 5AF) and Redhill Grange (NN9 5YZ).

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Contact Details of Wellingborough Golf Club:

  • Wellingborough Golf Club Address – The Slips, Great Harrowden, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK
  • Wellingborough Golf Club Postcode – NN9 5AD
  • Wellingborough Golf Club Contact Number – +44 1933 677234
  • Wellingborough Golf Club Opening Hours – 9 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Sunday)

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